Can Dogs Eat Plantain Chips? Safe or Poison

can dogs eat plantain chips

Yes, dogs can eat plantain chips however it is not recommended. Most dogs love to eat plantain chips because it is crunchy, high in fiber and water content, low in fat and has no added salt. It’s all natural!

So your dog will definitely enjoy this treat with its owner. However, most store bought plantain chips come loaded with preservatives, sodium and sometimes artificial sweeteners as well.

If you are an owner of a dog, you must know that dogs are not only pets but also part of the family. The relationship between owners and pet is much more loving than any other relation in this world. Therefore, owners try to make their pets happy every time. One of the most popular snacks for pet lovers is plantain chips. People often ask if dogs can eat plantain chips. Before exploring the answer let’s take a look at the interesting information about this question. So here it goes……..

is it safe for dogs to eat plantain chips

Plantain Chips Human or Dog Food?

Plantains are mostly used in human food preparation because they taste good and have nutritional value as well. But when it comes to feeding your pet with plantain chips, there arises confusion among many dog owners since there is a very thin line between the good and bad for both of you.

Benefits Of Plantain Chips For Dogs

Plantains contain a good amount of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and fiber. These ingredients are very beneficial for a dog’s health because these components can keep a check on the blood pressure and improve eye sight as well. Therefore, if your pet is facing any such problems then plantain chips will prove to be beneficial for them.

However, you should not give too much of plantain chips to your pet as it will lead to weight gain and constipation as well.

Best Time To Give Your Dog Plantain Chips?

It is always better to consult with your vet about giving vegetables or fruits to your pet especially for those who have diabetes or other dietary issues.

If your dog does not have such problems and you decide to give plantain chips as a healthy treat, then the best time to give your pet is early in the morning. This will make them energetic throughout the day and help to maintain their digestive system as well.

How Much Plantain Chips Can A Dog Eat?

As mentioned earlier that it’s all about moderation and giving too much of things can be harmful than good. Therefore, even if your doctor has suggested taking dietary supplements for your pet other than those prescribed by him or her ,you should consult with them again before giving anything new to them .

There are no specific dosage of how much plantain chips should be given as such because the amount will from one pet to another depending on their size, health condition, activities and weight.

Plantain Chips Side Effects On Dogs

The side effects of plantain chips on dogs can be digestive problems like diarrhea or constipation. You need to stop giving the dog plantain chips immediately if you see any sign of negative impacts on them like vomiting, nausea, bloating etc…

Besides this, eating too much of plantain chips will lead to obesity as well. So to avoid these side effects, try to give your pet small amounts daily instead of one large portion at once. This will not only keep them fit but also ensure that they are healthy enough for a long period of time .

What is a Plantain Chip?

A plantain is a starchy fruit that belongs to the banana family. It’s similar to the banana but larger and starchier as compared to it. Unlike bananas, plantains are not sweet in taste and have a higher calorie content as well. The main ingredient of making plantain chips is oil which makes them high in fat as well. So you should never give too much of these kinds of snacks to your pet especially those who were underweight because extra calories will make them obese .

The best way to use plantain chips for dogs can be cutting them into small pieces and mixing with their regular food. This will not only make the food tastier for them but also prove beneficial for their health as well .

So this is all about plantain chips for dogs which can be beneficial in certain ways but too much of it will prove harmful for them .

Plantains VS Bananas For Dogs

Many people think that since plantains and bananas have the same ingredient of carbohydrates, they will be good for your pet. But this is not true because while bananas contain some amount of vitamins and minerals, plantains do not have any such nutritional value .

Also, a dog can eat a small portion of banana but it cannot consume too much of plantain chips as these are high in calories and fat which will lead to obesity. So give your pet limited amounts daily instead of one big portion at once .

Dogs and Plantains Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is plantain good for dogs? Yes, but you need to cut them into small pieces before feeding them with it or else they may face digestive problems like diarrhea or constipation.
  • Can my dog eat plantain skin or rind? Yes, they can eat it by removing the skin first. Just make sure that you don’t offer too many of these snacks otherwise, they will become obese and its side effects will lead to serious health problems .
  • Are plantain chips good for dogs? As mentioned earlier that moderation is everything so giving small amounts of these kinds of snacks on daily basis instead of offering large chunks at once will definitely prove beneficial for your pet’s health as well as for their diet .
  • When can I give my dog plantains? The best time is early in the morning because due to lack of any nutritional value they may find it difficult to remain active throughout the day.
  • How much can I give my dog plantains? You should give them small pieces instead of one large chunk because these are high in calories which can make your pet obese.
  • How long will it take for plantain chips to make my dog sick? If you are giving too much of this snack at once then they may face difficulty in digesting it which may lead to vomiting, bloating etc… So waiting time after giving starchy snacks like plantains or bananas is between 30 minutes to one hour .
  • Are green plantains good for dogs? Yes, you can offer green plantain chips as well but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before feeding them with it . First thing being an adult dog can eat a small portion daily but if you are giving them large chunks at once then it will lead to problems like diarrhea, bloating etc. Another thing is that these chips contain high amounts of starch which can become difficult for your pet to digest .
  • Are plantain chips good for weight loss? Obesity in dogs can be due to many reasons and one of the major causes is overeating so it’s better not to give them extra calories especially starchy snacks like plantains or bananas. These kinds of snacks are good for their overall health but too much of it will make them fat . So instead of offering extra calories through these kinds of snacks, feed them with healthy canned foods which won’t make them overweight .

Plantain Nutritional Content

Plantain chips for dogs will not only help them to maintain a healthy diet but also provide them with some essential nutrients and minerals . Mainly they are rich in carbohydrates which contain low amounts of fat, protein and vitamins. Some other components that you can find in plantain chips for dogs include:

● Vitamin A – this vitamin is good for your dog’s eyesight.

● Potassium – this element is beneficial for their bone health along keeping their liver and kidney healthy.

● Copper – this trace mineral is important because it boosts the blood flow to your pet’s muscles thus making them active throughout the day . It also helps to keep their digestive system running well .

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